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Being injured because of negligence or an accident caused by another person can wreak havoc on your life. Missing days or even weeks of work, combined with the mounting medical bills and emotional stress, can turn your life upside down. Therefore, there is no reason not to get a case evaluation from a qualified personal injury lawyer, especially when it’s free. A personal injury lawyer should help you understand whether you have a case worth fighting. In addition, the financial implications of being injured mean that you can fight for compensation. By hiring an attorney, you can increase your chances of receiving a higher amount than if you went about the claims process yourself. Here, we will discuss why you should call Rawlins Law, APC, when you have an injury. Let us take help you through the process every step of the way.

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

1. We care about your recovery

Your recovery is our number one goal if you have been injured. You may already have a lot to deal with, from seeing your doctors to handling your home life, so having a team focused on helping you throughout this time is crucial. We strive to get you a fair settlement for your injuries and pain and suffering.

2. We are familiar with the legal system

You should never have to go to court alone. Rawlins Law is exceptionally familiar with the court system, whether in San Diego, Chula Vista, Escondido, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange, or Riverside. In most cases, 98+% do not go to court, so do not fear. If you do not want to go to court, it is ultimately up to you as the client. We are here to present different options for you and guide you throughout the process.

3. Assistance with insurance companies

While you may think insurance companies are on your side, like in their commercials, they are usually only looking out for their interests. They are trillion-dollar companies and want to pay as little as well. It’s also highly possible that they have a legal team advising them regularly. As a top-rated law firm, we know their tricks and can advocate on your behalf and fight for the compensation you deserve. With an attorney on your side, they fear the risk of going to court. We will fight against them and keep pushing to get you the settlement that you deserve.

4. Compliance with rules and regulations

There are many rules and regulations involved in personal injury claims, such as the statute of limitations. Is it worth hiring a lawyer after a car accident? Given the number of variables involved, the answer is yes. Consultations are free. No strings attached. Call us today to chat.

5. Get maximum compensation

At Rawlins Law, we settle 90% of our cases in less than a year! Not only are we fast, but we also know how to get you the maximum settlement possible. We are efficient and effective and do everything we can to push your case along so you can get money in your pocket sooner. Choose Rawlins Law, APC for your case to ensure that you have a chance to get the best compensation possible for your losses.

When Should I Lawyer Up After a Car Accident?

If you have been in a car accident or have experienced another type of personal injury, you must get an immediate consultation from a personal injury attorney. Call before speaking with the insurance companies. Finding a distinguished lawyer in San Diego, Chula Vista, Escondido, Irvine, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, or Sacramento is not easy. Rawlins Law, APC is one of the few female-owned-and-operated personal injury practices in Southern California. Your recovery is our number one priority, we care about getting you justice, and we work fiercely to ensure that your case is settled with the best possible outcome. We are honest, ethical, and compassionate. We are here to be by your side every step of the way.

After being injured, the first question you need to ask is, “Do I have a case”? At Rawlins Law, APC, we offer a free case evaluation to help you to get started with the process. Connect with an attorney today by calling our helpful team at (858) 529-5872. Oh, and ask us about our exceptional concierge service. We are happy to come to you and do consultations via phone, zoom, or online, whatever is the best and most convenient for you. We are here to serve you.

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