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Every single day, thousands and thousands of people are injured or killed in auto and vehicle collisions.


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Experienced Motorcycle accident lawyers in San Diego

On a daily basis, plenty of people get injured while on the road. A significant percentage of those are from motorcycle accidents. Although helmets can minimize death rates, they cannot completely protect a person when a road mishap occurs.

In San Diego, it is a requirement to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. In case you are involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle, it is essential to hire a personal injury attorney that has expertise in motorcycle accident cases.

We provide a free case evaluation via a free consultation.

Motorcycle accident lawyers are aware of the unwanted scenarios when insurance companies try to get away with their responsibilities. Regarding that, we have comprehensive knowledge regarding personal injury law.

It only entails that you have a high chance of getting the motorcycle accident claim you deserve.

This will be used for your medical bills and compensation for the days you haven’t worked because of the accident.

As an expert motorcycle accident attorney, we will gladly wait for your inquiries so that we can review your case for FREE. This is prior to the start of legal representation for a compensation claim case.

plenty of people get injured
people who are injured because of a careless driver

Our team will be the one to deal with the following:

  • Police reports
  • Law firms
  • Insurance coverage
  • Medical records
  • Negligent party
  • Motorcycle manufacturer

Luckily, for people who are injured because of a careless driver, the victim is waived with no upfront costs.

We will be the ones to negotiate with the insurance company and the other party’s insurance company to aim for a higher settlement. The following scenarios are excellent candidates for compensation:

Serious accidents that were caused by distracted driving, lane splitting, or from the accident scene

Catastrophic injuries: for example, spinal cord injuries

Physical injuries that medical expenses can’t cover

But ultimately, if an accident occurs, you don’t need a traumatic brain injury to be able to seek compensation and money for medical expenses. Visit our San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer in office for a free consultation and understanding of your motorcycle accident case.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Road mishaps involving motorcycles usually cause serious injuries and even life-threatening conditions.

As a result, the victims face uncertainties in their financial life due to the expensive medical care needed for recovery.

A wrongful death case is applicable when a loss of life due to an accident is present. The victims will have the entitlement of having compensation for the damages and, most especially, the funeral expenses for the victim who has died from the accident.

Having said so, our team at Rawlins Law Firm is the most trusted in the industry when it comes to motorcycle accident cases anywhere in San Diego.

Why do you need the best motorcycle accident attorney?

A reliable motorcycle accident attorney is the one you need as your representative for you to obtain the highest settlement amount that you can get. There are times wherein cases get complicated – that is why the right knowledge is essential to resolve each case.

Our law firm is equipped with the best strategies to help you get the correct coverage that will aid in your recovery. Not only your medical bills, lost wages, and suffering but to make the people responsible to be held accountable for the expenses especially if someone died because of the road mishap. In this particular case, a wrongful death filing is the best way to go for.

What can happen from a motorcycle accident?

A motorcycle accident isn’t the same as truck accidents or car accidents. Although the latter is more common, it is often the case that a motor vehicle will protect injury victims in an accident involving a car against a car or a truck.

Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with a motorcycle accident claim, there is more at risk. Some common motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Wrongful death: in motorcycle crashes, the motorcycle rider is at risk because they’re exposed.
  • Serious injuries: these could include head injuries or traumatic brain injuries.
  • Broken bones
  • Permanent disability

If you’re filing a personal injury claim or looking to receive financial compensation from a motorcycle accident, keep a record of any sustained injuries and medical costs. This will allow your motorcycle accident attorney to go into the motorcycle claim getting you a fair settlement that offers maximum compensation to the accident victims.

At Rawlins Law, we offer a free consultation to anyone who has suffered from a motorcycle crash. We work tirelessly to get you a fair motorcycle accident settlement that can cover lost wages, medical expenses, insurance company payments, and any costs to the law firms.

motorcycle accident isn’t the same as truck accidents

What to do after a motorcycle accident?

If you suffered severe injuries from a motorcycle accident, it’s natural for the accident victims to be shocked or panicked. It’s possible to have suffered a traumatic brain injury, which is always petrifying.

After you suffered from a motorcycle accident, then you should:

  • Get the details of the other drivers
  • Take photos of the accident scene
  • Try to understand how the accident happened: was it distracted driving? Lane splitting? Or something else?
  • Reach out to the insurance company

Motorcycle accident victims often tend to brush off their motorcycle accident, but they shouldn’t. A motorcycle crash is a major event – and could have resulted in wrongful death. To get fair compensation, your legal services will need all the details.

Suppose you can bring the above evidence to our national trial lawyers and motorcycle accident attorneys. In that case, we’ll be able to help you successfully win against the other drivers in your personal injury claims. In some cases, that also includes legal fees and lost wages.

Serious motorcycle accident claims should be scary, but we’ll make you feel at ease in our free case evaluation. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorney will walk you through our system and help motorcycle accident victims battle their severe injuries, and realize how fatal motorcycle accidents can be.

motorcycle accident can’t be prevented
accident victims to be shocked or panicked

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident

Being clueless after a motorcycle accident can’t be prevented. Moreover, as ordinary people without a background in law, the insurance company of the other party could use it to lowball on settlements. You will need the best motorcycle accident lawyer to help you deal with that motorcycle accident.

In a situation wherein everyone is traumatized, knowing what to do next can be really difficult. A reliable motorcycle accident lawyer must be present to help you along the way. Our team in Rawlins Law Firm has the power to deal with injuries, lost income, and negotiations with the insurance companies. We will ensure that you will get the right settlement to give you the justice that you deserve.

As we all know, every situation is different. This entails that the compensation varies depending on how severe the damages are. Our law firm concentrates on getting the most compensation possible. Aside from motorcycle accidents, we also cater to helping people who are involved in other automobile accidents and personal injury cases.

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If you are involved in an accident, do not hesitate to contact us. Be ready to talk about the specific details of your personal injury claim. By explaining all the details regarding your case, it will be easier for our attorneys to craft the winning strategy to get the most out of your settlement. Don’t delay in calling us to ensure you are protected. Know your rights and protect yourself. Call us at Rawlins Law at 858-529-5872.

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For those San Diego residents looking to seek compensation from experienced motorcycle accident attorneys, you know the only place to go to is Rawlins Law.

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