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 You didn’t simply fall on your own. 

Whether you were at work, home, friend’s house, shopping mall, or even at your place of worship, any location can be a potential site for a slip and fall disaster waiting to happen. If not addressed immediately, slipping and falling may result in severe and sometimes permanent injuries, regardless of your age.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), slip fall, trip, and fall incidents account for about 15% of all unintentional fatalities in the United States, placing them second only to auto accidents in terms of fatality rate.

The good news is that, in many situations, the person or entity that owns or maintains the ground on which a person slips and falls is legally responsible for ensuring that such incidents do not occur by following specific standards in construction. If they fail to fulfill this legal obligation and anyone is injured, they may be held liable for the resulting damages. 

You may wonder if you were sloppy and didn’t pay attention during your slip and fall. In most slip and fall cases, it probably wasn’t your fault, and your injury is perhaps because of a negligent property owner who was aware of a problem but did nothing to fix it, usually to avoid additional costs. The best thing to do is call a slip and fall lawyer and find out if you have a slip and fall case. Once you form an attorney-client relationship, you don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket costs, and a smart attorney may hire a private investigator to find out if you have a case.

After you’ve had a slip and fall accident, you are probably wounded, out of work, and have medical bills to pay. It may even be difficult to get medical attention and get access to your medical records, whether you have health insurance or not. A slip and fall accident lawyer will help you pay for all of your expenses without any financial burden to you.

Slip and fall attorney san diego

You may be able to file a slip and fall accident case against the property owner whose carelessness had a detrimental influence on your life. Our experienced accident attorneys, who have obtained many small, big, and million-dollar judgments on behalf of injured clients, are prepared to assist you with this process. However, remember that every slip and fall case is different!

Call us as soon as possible to see if you have a slip and fall injury case!

Slip and fall attorney san diego

Accidents Caused Due to a Slip and Fall

Some of the most prevalent causes of slips and falls are:

Surface dangerous condition:

  • Surfaces that are uneven and have no warning indicators.
  • Floors that have recently been mopped or waxed.
  • Floorboards, carpets, or mats that are loose, particularly on stairwells.
  • Parking lot potholes are a common occurrence.
  • Liquids that have been spilled but have not been cleaned.
  • Grease or oil that has been splattered and not removed.
  • Ice that hasn’t salted.

Conditions in the Environment:

  • Trash or rubbish on the floor
  • Glare caused by bright light bouncing off a glossy surface on the ground.
  • Insufficient illumination makes it harder to detect potential hazards, and that’s important in gathering evidence and with the help of other automated technology.
  • Cords that span pathways are a common sight.
  • Should open drawers on a desk or in a cabinet.
  • Transitions from one kind of surface to another, such as carpet to wood, are referred to as “transitions.”

Ladders and Stairways:

  • In the absence of a railing or when a handrail is dysfunctional.
  • Take more than one step at a time instead of rushing up and down the stairs or broken stairs.
  • Not securing or having someone hold a ladder when it is needed.
  • As an alternative to using a ladder, a chair, or other furniture used and caused the fall accidents.

Workplaces such as:

  • Construction workers are among the most in-demand workers in the country and have many accident reports about fall accidents.
  • Housekeepers and other members of the cleaning team.
  • Culinary professionals and other kitchen employees.
  • Manual workers are employed in a variety of capacities.
  • Those who work in factories and have severe fall accidents.

California Slip and Fall Lawyers

There is potential for slips and falls everywhere, such as public property, private property, and commercial property. Often, the property owner’s neglect is the cause of these situations. After a significant accident, a Rawlins Law APC slip and fall lawyer may help you recover compensation for your injury. Regardless of whether the fall occurred in a company, a house, a government facility, or retail, our legal team will analyze the facts to assess who is at fault and take necessary procedures to guarantee that victims get adequate compensation from at-fault parties.

Our lawyers at Rawlins Law have assisted clients in recovering thousands to millions of dollars in pursuing compensation after slip and fall incidents, and we offer free evaluation. Remember that it is advantageous to work with a reputed legal firm with the resources and experience to take on insurance companies and increase your chances of obtaining reasonable compensation. We do our part to help people and believe in being honest and reliable. In addition to providing excellent legal advice, Rawlins Law can rapidly determine whether or not you have a valid slip and fall claim, and it may be possible your case settled in less than a year.

Can I sue if I slip and fall?

You can sue a property owner in the case of a slip and fall as long as you can prove your case with an experienced attorney. There’s a great likelihood that when someone slips and falls, it was due to an unexpected danger or impediment that shouldn’t have been there. If this is the case, the business property owner (or company) may be accountable for the harm. That implies you have the legal advice to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your slip and fall. Personal injury attorneys may assist you in determining whether or not you should file a law firm.

Whether you have the right to sue (or whether you will need to) will be determined by the following factors:

  • What occurred in the accident, and who was blamed for the slip and fall accident?
  • Whether or not you will be able to get the funds you want from the guilty party’s insurance carrier without having to file a law firm.
Slip and Fall

How much do you get for a slip and fall?

The typical payout for slip and fall cases is usually around $15,000 to $45,000.

Whether or not your situation falls within the specified range depends on several things. If your fall injuries are minimal, your case may rate below average. On the other hand, if you have suffered significant injuries and your case has a solid legal foundation, your compensation may be greater than the national average. The typical slip and fall attorneys settlement, on the other hand, is usually somewhere in the center of the spectrum.

The typical payout for slip and fall cases is between $15,000 and $45,000.

If you are injured in a fall, you are entitled to compensation equivalent to your monetary losses plus pain and suffering compensation. Your financial losses or lost wages include all of the direct, out-of-pocket expenses that result from the accident. The severity of your injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, directly relates to the amount of pain and suffering you will experience. While the amount of compensation you receive for a fall is influenced by the severity of your injuries and the strength of your case, you may also need to consider the concerns of the third party.

How long after a slip and fall can you sue?

Following a slip and fall, the period you have to file a personal injury case or wrongful death claim varies depending on the state in which the complaint is being filed. It is common for fall victims to seek compensation via an insurance claim before filing a lawsuit. A lawsuit is frequently the next step in pursuing restitution when discussions with insurance have failed to provide a fair settlement between you and the property owners and the personal injury lawyer.

It may take some time for an insurance company to investigate an accident, evaluate a claim, and make a settlement offer once a lawsuit is filed. In addition, it takes time to negotiate with insurance companies if you do not feel their first offer adequately compensates you. State or local laws consider this, and in most cases, a statute of limitations gives a victim a few years to pursue a fall claim. Failure to file a lawsuit within the authorized time limit may result in the loss of your right to pursue a lawsuit against a negligent else’s property owners who were responsible for your slip and fall accident.

Is it hard to win a slip and fall accident case?

Property owner’s negligence occurs when the person at blame mistakenly does something or fails to do something that causes you to slip and fall injury on a slippery surface. For example, it can be sued for carelessness if a spill lingers on the floor for an extended time and produces a slick surface that causes you to slip and fall injury. The court system also considers carelessness by the failure to shovel snow or salt their steps or doorway, else’s negligence which results in your falling.

These activities are considered negligent because they fail to reach the standard of care that a reasonable person would have exercised to safeguard your physical well-being.

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Do you want to know how much your slip-and-fall accident lawyers or lawsuit is worth? Is your situation typical? Is it a higher-than-average score? Our slip and fall injury attorneys can assist you. We know that seeking a settlement in many slip and fall injury situations is an intelligent method to address the problem. Our objective is to assist you in resolving your matter as swiftly and equitably as possible in the most convenient manner for you.

We welcome you to meet with our experts to discuss your situation in more detail and get access to our attorneys’ contact information. First, we want to get a sense of who you are and what you want to achieve. Then, together, we can devise a strategy to assist you in obtaining a settlement that is both fair and satisfies your requirements. We handle our cases sensitively and confidentially. So be sure to get in touch with us immediately. This is a free consultation with no upfront costs to you. If you don’t win the case, we will not be compensated either and will need to take a loss on any upfront costs we put in.

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