How can you know what to do after a car accident? it is really scary to get involved in a car accident. So how can you think rationally? It does not matter whether the accident is just minor or major but the point is awareness always matters.

Whenever we start our cars, we hope that nothing will go wrong while we are on the road. So it is important that we abide by the traffic laws and regulations at all times.

In this way, you’ll minimize the chances of road accidents taking place. However, there are instances wherein no matter how careful we are, accidents happen because of others’ carelessness.

One thing that we usually hear when there is a car accident is insurance. The process seems very simple but if things do not go our way, more complex scenarios might happen. But before anything else, the big question lies in how you should act upfront when you experience a car accident.

How should you act?

It does not matter whether you are at fault or not in a car accident. It is important that you know the following to prevent the situation from worsening.

Inspect Your Body For Injuries

In case you sustained minor injuries, as much as possible, wait for the rescuing team to arrive. This will avoid further problems that are related to your injury. However, if you know that the injury is severe, try not to move and calm yourself down.

The medical professionals will know the necessary measures that they have to do to contain the situation for your own good. After the rescue, you’ll be brought straight to the hospital to be further evaluated by the doctors.

Prioritize Your Safety

When it comes to road accidents, it is always better to ensure that you are on the safe side.

If you are still able to move then going to the safe side of the road is the best thing to do. You’ll be able to avoid explosions and other fatal accidents due to circumstances.

Know If Your Passengers Are Okay

The well-being of the passengers is important too, just like the driver. After you have checked yourself and you are okay then checking the passengers is the next thing to do. If your phone is with you, contacting rescue services is very crucial. The people near the area of the accident can help in case of emergencies as well, you can try seeking help from them.

Dial 911

If you are still conscious of what’s happening and only sustained minor injuries, getting your phone and dialing 911 is the best thing to do. This is an assurance that there will be authorities that will come.

This is only applicable if you can still move or are conscious as additional pressure on the body could worsen the injuries. Afterward, waiting for help is the next thing to do.

Exchanging of Data

Upon checking that no one was injured or heavily injured, do not forget to exchange information with the other party. You can use your phone or camera to take an image of the license, plate number, and even the insurance card. This will help you out in reaching the person when needed for the settlement.

Make a Documentation

To protect yourself from losing the case, proper documentation is important. To give you an idea of how it is done, we’ll give you a quick rundown of them:

  • Know the details of the officers on the scene
  • You must obtain yourself a copy of the accident report
  • Get the names and contact info of the people involved in the accident as well as the witnesses

What’s Next?

Having covered by an insurance policy puts you in an easier situation when a road accident happens. However, there are times wherein things do not go your way such as the other party involved is not cooperating.

Having said so, having a personal injury lawyer could help you in these kinds of situations. We at Rawlins Law can help you with cases that are related to personal injury such as car accidents.

Don’t delay in calling an attorney to ensure you are protected. Know your rights and protect yourself.

Call Rawlins Law at 858-529-5872.

We will be happy to assist you with your concerns at the soonest time possible.

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