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Bakersfield Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in the Bakersfield, CA area, you’re probably going through a tumultuous time.

Regardless of the way you were injured, whether through car accidents, fall accidents, or you just received severe injuries and you’re looking for financial compensation to cover the trauma, our legal representation in the Bakersfield area is designed to help you fight your personal injury case.

Although we offer Bakersfield personal injury legal services, we offer legal counsel to other cities.

Gain Compensation for Car Accidents

There are many financial stressors that follow a car accident. Your medical bills and lost wages can place severe stress on you and your loved ones. Your injury lawyer in Bakersfield provides robust support as you navigate your case. From strategy development to representation in the courtroom, your lawyer offers peace of mind that you will be made whole again. We have a demonstrated track record of success when it comes to recovering compensation for our clients, so learn more today by calling our team at (858) 529-5872.

Personal Injury Cases Issues

Our super lawyers and attorneys have seen their clients through many situations. Some clients have come to us after:

  • A traumatic brain injury

  • A dog bite

  • Still seeking medical attention

  • With wrongful death claims

  • Injuries after workplace accidents

These injured clients may be trying to appeal their legal rights from their insurance companies or struggling to find justice from private parties, but either way, they’ve been met with no response or struggle.

But we’re one personal injury law firm that will stand by its clients. In the Bakersfield and Southern California region, we’re known for being on the right side of the personal injury law fight. And our super lawyers and attorneys are ready to meet you.


Injured clients often come to us seeking compensation, and it’s the job of our legal team to deliver – and they do.

In the past, we’ve been helping clients with their entire cases. Whether these clients received property damage, animal bites, emotional distress, physical therapy, or extortionate medical bills, we were able to pursue compensation and win.

Previous cases our law firm won were:

  • $100,000 for a woman who was involved in a car accident case.

  • $150,000 for a woman who was in an automobile accident.

  • $450,000 in a pre-litigation settlement to a woman with (luckily) minor physical injuries when she was hit by a semi-truck driver.

Helping clients with our legal experience is what we’re designed to do. If you’re based in Bakersfield and are looking for a primary attorney, give us a call.

We’ll fight your insurance company, offer you a free consultation, and provide a legal team with only your best interests.

Our Personal injury law, who practice law that covers motorcycle injuries will provide you with an experienced attorney focuses on getting maximum compensation from insurance companies to pay for medical expenses when injured. 

We can also help you if you have been involved in other auto accidents like:

Your auto injury lawyer will work with you to prepare a successful case and advocate on your behalf during every step of the process.

We also deal with non auto related personal injury cases such as:

Be prepared to discuss every detail of your personal injury claim. Starting with a free case evaluation, our personal injury lawyers will go over all of the facts of your case, such as your car accident claim, extent of injuries, and other details to create a winning strategy.

Contact Us

Either contact us with a valid phone number or leave your email. We offer a virtual consultation where possible, but we try to work to your needs as much as possible. It’s all about helping clients, after all.

When you contact us, we will need to go through your personal injury claim. From here, our super lawyers will also ask you some questions about your personal injury cases. Your honesty will be important as what you tell us could make or break the case.

Our lead attorney will be on hand to get you the success you need, though.

To learn more about our services or your free case evaluation, call today at (858) 529-5872.


About Bakersfield Personal Injury Law Firm

People aren’t inclined to make personal injury claims if they know they can’t win, but that’s why people come to us.

We’re the Bakersfield personal injury lawyer that can take your claims and help you win. We offer a free consultation with our attorneys, and as we develop our attorney client relationship, we’ll support you with the best advice and team.

If you’ve never been to a law firm or you haven’t experienced Bakersfield injury lawyers, here’s what you can expect.


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Whether you've been in an accident with a vehicle or have been bitten by a dog, we have got you covered! 


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