;If a victim of burns got the injury because of the negligence of others then the victim is entitled to compensation. However, in order to win the case, solid evidence is needed which includes documentation, witnesses, and certain dialogues.

There are lots of complexities that go along with the process such as paper works, scheduling, arranging of testimonies, etc. This is where Rawlins Law comes in. Our expertise in this subject matter is needed to make sure that your rights are protected at all times.

Got burn injuries because of negligence?

There is no doubt that burn injuries can be devastating. This is because burns can inflict long-term scars on the person. On top of that, burns are really painful making it really difficult for the victim to perform his or her daily functions at work or school.

Once a victim got burns because of negligence, there are things that the victim will miss such as going to work which results in lost wages. There are also medical expenses that need to be considered.

The Types Of Burn Injuries

There are various types of burn injuries one can encounter. Here are the most common among them:

  • Chemical burns: This happens if a person got exposed to a certain chemical that is highly acidic such as ammonia and bleach.
  • Electrical burns: Aside from terrible damage on the skin, electrical injury can also result in organ complications.
  • Explosion injuries: Explosions due to gas can result in permanent damage to the human skin or even death.
  • Fire burns: Fire-related injuries are the most common cause of burns. The straightforward contact with flames commonly happens both indoors and outdoors perhaps when cooking or there is an onset of fire in a property.
  • Scalding: Direct contact with hot liquids is the most common reason for burns.
  • Vehicular accidents: Flammable fluids such as petrol can spill out after a vehicular accident which can catch fire.

When claiming for burn injury settlement, you must know the economic and non-economic damages that come along with it.

An example of economic damage is a medical procedure done to correct the disfigurement brought by the scar. While an example of non-economic damage is when the victim gets a noticeable scar which can contribute to his or her emotional distress.

Damages Liability After a Burn Injury

Having solid evidence to prove the responsibility of the at-fault party is needed for a successful claim. Our personal injury attorneys at Rawlins Law is ready to take on cases that are related to burn injuries. We will investigate your case and come up with a conclusion on who must be liable for your case. As a result, we will be able to start working on the claim itself to help the victim get a faster recovery. Contact us at 858-529-5872 and know your rights. It is better to be protected than sorry.

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