Southern California is well known for its overly congested driving conditions. With this being said, there are federal and state safety regulations that truck drivers and trucking companies must adhere to in order to legally operate in the state of California. If these regulations are violated, those involved can face heavy fines.

Typically, the safety rules in California are far more strict than those at a national level, and with good reason. It has been reported that California alone averages 280 fatal truck crashes a year. In San Diego specifically, the area sees about 275 truck injury accidents per year and 15 fatal accidents. Many of these occur on Interstate 8 (I-8). California has implemented its regulations with the hope of reducing these climbing numbers.

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Alcohol and Drugs

The California Law requires both intrastate and interstate motor carriers to comply with the federal regulations when it comes to any laws pertaining to alcohol or drugs. Drivers operating vehicles that require a commercial driver’s license are required to be tested for alcohol and controlled substances per these federal laws.

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Load Securement

On a federal level, California complies with the load securement requirements in the Code of Federal Regulations. California regulations also require that trucks shall be properly protected against any shifting cargo. Liquids need to be stored in collapsible containers as well. This is to ensure the safety of all drivers that share the road.

Log Book

It is required by most drivers of commercial vehicles to maintain a log book and record their hours of service. The maximum driver hours vary between interstate and intrastate commerce. These hours of service rules are designed to eliminate drowsiness that can lead to car crashes. It has been found that the driver is not typically good at estimating their own drowsiness without these guidelines. If you have been involved in a trucking accident due to a driver falling asleep at the wheel, Rawlins Law can help!

Safety Equipment

Trucks operating in Calfornia must be equipped with a fire extinguisher, three red emergency reflectors, and all necessary vehicle equipment. This includes lights, windshields, and reflectors that must all comply with the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards.

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