Outbreaks of infectious diseases are likely to spread on cruise ships because passengers from different states and countries spend time close together in small spaces. Viruses can also spread between ships when crew members from a ship with an outbreak transfer to work on other ships.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, many cruise lines are now subject to investigation for how they have handled the outbreak. They are being accused of putting the profit of the company first over the safety of their passengers.

Many cruise ships decided to set sail even though they were aware of the dangers of subjecting passengers in such tight confinements to the outbreak of COVID-19. They are also accused of not taking proper precautions in order to protect passengers, including not keeping them informed about the threats of the virus and who on the ship was infected. Cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises, were allowing passengers to board without warning them about an outbreak on the previous voyage.

The deaths of many passengers who were exposed to the virus due to cruises’ negligence are now causing more problems for these cruise lines. Companies are facing wrongful death charges for deceased passengers and class action lawsuits for employees where were not provided proper protective gear and exposed them to the virus.

When filing a lawsuit, it can be very difficult to sue a cruise line, for cruise lines are not companies of the United States. They are not subject to health and safety regulations as U.S. companies are. Many cruise lines are also protected by the ticketing agreements they sign before going aboard. It must be proved to a judge that these companies ere negligent in failing to warn passengers and unreasonable during this time.

For now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ordered that it will be at least another three months until cruise ships will be permitted to sail from United States ports. As we do reach the point as a nation where businesses and other operations open their doors back up, it is important to remember to continue to incorporate social distancing whenever possible to help protect yourself from infection.

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