The Real Dangers of Dog Bite Injuries

Owning a dog can be a very fruitful experience. It releases stress and anxiety that are brought to us by our daily activities at work and school. However, there are instances wherein the situation is not in our favor. It is either you’ll get bitten by a dog or someone else does.

The severity of the injury that is caused by dog bites varies from one person to another. Furthermore, it is a must that every dog owner must be responsible with their pets. Complete vaccination is a must to ensure that their dogs will not inflict any harm on other people. As pet owners, dogs must have updated vaccines to make sure that no virus can be passed on to the victims such as rabies. If taken for granted, the rabies virus can potentially lead to death.

According to statistics, there are 1 in 5 individuals experience dog bite injuries that need medical intervention. However, not all of them have the knowledge of that particular situation which is why usually there are only a few people who are held liable for this type of case.

What to do next?

If you or your loved one experienced getting bitten by a dog then making the at-fault party liable is the most appropriate thing to do. However, be aware that this involves a certain legal process to ensure that justice will be served.

First, a settlement will be sought from the other party. If both parties do not agree on a settlement, then escalating things in court is the next thing to take. Having said so, Rawlins Law is the one that can help you out in receiving a fair and square settlement amount. Take action now and know your rights by contacting Rawlins Law at 858-529-5872.

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