If a severe injury was inflicted on a person that compromises his or her ability to perform their normal functions. As a result, there is a decline in the quality of life despite surviving the injury. We can classify catastrophic injuries into 3 categories. Let us dig deeper into those categories:

Serious Injuries

This is the most common type of injury that a person can encounter when a catastrophic injury occurs. The worst injuries may be inflicted on the head, neck, and spine of the person. Some examples of it are paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, skull fractures, etc.

External Injuries

These are injuries that can be seen on the outside part of our bodies. This can be burns, scars, amputations, etc. Moreover, these external injuries are often curable but still inflict both physical and emotional damage to a person.

Internal Injuries

There are instances when internal injuries do not show up quickly which is why the victims need to be observant at all times. Some examples of it are blindness, hearing loss, and internal bleeding.

The sad thing is a lot of catastrophic injury victims are left hanging and helpless in these types of situations. Having said so, it is important to get protected from such accidents, and having a lawyer to fight with you is the best thing to do. It will surely result in a fair and square amount of compensation that you can use for your recovery. Every case is unique which is why it is important to get evaluated immediately to help come up with the best possible approach.

Who takes responsibility for catastrophic injuries?

Every case is unique when it comes to catastrophic accidents but one thing is for sure, there will be someone who must be held liable. Having said so, there are factors to consider when it comes to pinpointing the primary culprit for the accident. Having said so, here are the most common subjects for catastrophic injury liabilities:


When there is a vehicular accident, it is expected that a driver might be at fault. Determining the at-fault party is the next thing to do.

Vehicle Owners

There is a huge responsibility that lies on the shoulders of vehicle owners. Having said so, there are lots of vehicle owners who are reluctant in getting their vehicles borrowed by someone else. It is because of the risk that they might be charged in case there is an occurrence of a catastrophic accident.


If a defective product is consumed and something happens to the consumer then the blame will mostly be on the manufacturing company.


If the injured person is on duty at work, there might be a chance that some liabilities may be attributed to the employer.

Landowner or Tenant

When the catastrophic injury happened within the premises of your property then the tenant or landowner might be held liable.

What’s Next?

The cost of a catastrophic injury may vary from one case to another which is why further evaluation is required. Having said so, you will need the help of a lawyer in claiming the right settlement for your case. Moreover, Rawlins Law is definitely ready to take on cases concerning catastrophic injuries. Contact us right now at 858-529-5872 for a case evaluation.

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