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Motorcycle accident lawyers in orange


Every single day, thousands and thousands of people are injured or killed in auto and vehicle collisions.



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Experienced Motorcycle accident lawyers in orange

Motorcycle accidents happen daily, and the City of Orange is not exempted from this type of accident. Some accidents are serious, while others are just minor. Regardless if it is a major or minor accident, legal intervention is much needed.

Wearing a helmet and protective gear can surely lessen the impact of the accident. However, it does not guarantee anything. Depending on the severity of the accident, helmets and protective gear can have no bearing on really major accidents.

It only entails that accidents can have a harmful impact on the well-being of a person.

Accidents already cause a lot of deaths and traumas every year. 

If you are currently facing this situation, seeking help from a trusted personal injury lawyer is your best decision.

We provide a free case evaluation via a free consultation.

No person would wish to experience any accident. Aside from the pain and suffering it might cause, it can surely lead to more problems if not managed well. 

Having a discussion with the at-fault party can also be a daunting task to do. They will go for the lowest settlement amount or even get away from their responsibilities.

Motorcycle accidents happen daily
seek compensation for your personal injury lawsuit

You can seek compensation for your personal injury lawsuit. You have to ensure you find a law firm that is right for you. As a law firm with in-depth experience in the industry, we assure you will get justice by going for the right amount of settlement. This is possible by implementing the right methodologies to help you finance your medical bills, property damage repair, lost wages, etc.

 We at Rawlins Law are ready to give you a representation in this particular. We are here to give you a FREE review of your case to familiarize you with the process. 

We can manage the following very well:

  • Police reports
  • Law firms
  • Insurance coverage
  • Medical records
  • Negligent party
  • Motorcycle manufacturer

If your overall well-being is affected because of the negligence of a driver that caused the accident, you can consider yourself a victim. Hiring us for the job puts you in a good situation; we don’t charge upfront costs. 

Rest assured that we will handle your case, talk with the parties involved, and aim for a higher settlement. To qualify for the compensation benefits, the motorcycle accident has inflicted physical injuries on your part.

Orange Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We can classify motorcycle accidents into minor and major accidents. The damages and injuries are reliant on the severity of the accident. The worst-case scenario is when someone dies from the accident. When this happens, a wrongful death claim is the one that we should file for you.

Here at Rawlins Law, we can surely handle those kinds of situations. So if you are involved in a motorcycle accident in the city of Orange, you should consider availing yourself of our services. We will ensure that we have the capabilities to help you out in the pursuit of obtaining a higher settlement amount.

Why do you need the best motorcycle accident attorney?

A trusted motorcycle accident attorney is the one that should be by your side for legal help when you get yourself involved in an accident. Since every case has a unique scenario, the lawyers must have all the qualifications to handle everything with utmost attention to detail.

We will hold the at-fault party accountable for the damages inflicted because of the accident.

You need to remember that although a motorcycle accident is uncommon for you, we have many motorcycle accident cases that show up at Rawlins. Some vary in the degree of the personal injury claim, with some suing for spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and other serious injuries, while others are suing to recover lost wages or compensation for broken bones.

Regardless of your personal injuries or where you are in the legal process, an accident occurred, and we’re here to help you in any way to get your fair compensation. That might be to:

  • Cover medical bills
  • Get compensation for a permanent injury
  • To obtain the contact and insurance information of the other vehicle
  • Or if you’re an insurance company needing help with a claim
you need the best motorcycle accident attorney

What to do after a motorcycle accident?

Worrying over a motorcycle accident is a normal response of a victim. The right management of the situation is crucial to winning not only your emotions but your fight for the right settlement too. As a result, you will be able to recover much faster financially and emotionally.

If you’ve been in one of the Orange county motorcycle accidents, all vehicle owners and passengers must seek immediate medical attention. Regardless of the medical bills.

In motorcycle accident cases, it’s important that our lawyers have evidence in case the motorcycle accident case goes to court. If you seek medical attention for a motorcycle accident injury, ensure any medical expenses are outlined in a receipt. This includes a copy of the police report too.

Bringing evidence to us in personal injury cases will help build our attorney-client relationship. Accident lawyers like to represent people they can trust in an auto-accident case. This is why it’s essential to be honest with us at all times in the motorcycle accident claim, especially on things like:

  • Whether there were injured motorcycle riders
  • Who the person in the other parties passenger vehicle and driver’s seat
  • The type of severe injuries suffered – for example, whether it’s a spinal cord injury or simply road rash
  • Whether the motorcycle crash happened due to something avoidable like lane splitting
What to do after a motorcycle accident

Regardless of the serious injury or the event leading us to the car accident, motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries for motorcycle riders more often than other vehicles. It’s common for motorcycle fatalities to include:

  • A traumatic brain injury
  • Road rash
  • Death
  • Amputation

When motorcycle accidents occur, our personal injury attorneys try their best to remain fair and seek compensation for the rightful person. That’s why we offer a free consultation to each personal injury claim that comes into our Southern California, Orange County office.

Here in our law firm, we are very particular with how we handle the cases of our clients. We are aware that thorough guidance and support are needed for our clients to emerge triumphant in their cases.

Here is an overview of the expectations that you can have when you speak to our accident lawyers:

  • Support you all the way in receiving the settlement that you can use for your medical expenses
  • Claim the right compensation for the wages lost because of the inability to work for a specific amount of time
  • Have negotiations with the insurance company regarding the settlement

Our main goal is to assure our clients who got involved in a motorcycle accident. We also accept any personal injury-related cases. We will be happy to attend to your concerns and guide you throughout the process.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, do not hesitate to contact us. Prepare the specific details of your personal injury claim. By explaining all the details regarding your case, it will be easier for our attorneys to craft the winning strategy to get the most out of your settlement. Don’t delay in calling us to ensure you are protected. Know your rights and protect yourself. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorney will never turn you away.

Find the county motorcycle accident lawyers that are right for you. Call us at Rawlins Law at 858-529-5872 for a free consultation. Our office is based in various places around Southern California, but our Orange County office has personal injury attorneys that are just waiting to help any motorcycle riders with catastrophic injuries find the compensation they deserve.

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