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Every single day, thousands and thousands of people are injured or killed in auto and vehicle collisions with Semi Trucks.


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If you have been struck by a massive vehicle such as a semi-truck, your case can be in the best hands possible if you act fast.

Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents involving heavy trucks accounted for 7% of all fatal collisions in the United States. Because of the size and weight of huge trucks or semi trucks, accidents involving these large commercial vehicles may be hazardous for the driver, people inside, passenger vehicles, and even pedestrians. In addition, semi truck accidents are often the consequence of carelessness, which may be the part of the drivers or the trucking firm in question.

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Have you or someone you know been injured in truck accidents?

Suppose a person is injured in a truck accident due to the carelessness of the driver, the truck company, or a passenger vehicle. In that case, an experienced lawyer such as Rawlins Law can help you file a truck accident claim to recover losses and damages beyond what the insurance company is willing to pay. Rawlins Law will assist you in getting the treatment and compensation you need. In many cases, receiving proper compensation after an accident is complex and time-consuming, so don’t delay in retaining skilled legal counsel and a strong team on your side for a truck accident settlement that is fair.

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Why you should hire a truck accident lawyer

If you are a truck accident victim, and you qualify for a truck accident injury case due to a trucking accident, you need experienced truck crash attorneys to protect you from a worse outcome. However common truck accident injuries are, most people make the mistake of handling a truck accident claim themselves. Look for semi truck accident lawyers that will help you get a larger settlement than if you went about the claim yourself.

Even though there are many types of large commercial trucks on the road, ranging from FedEx or UPS delivery trucks to trash or dump trucks to tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers, the factors contributing to trucking accidents are similar across the board. 

Whether you are in a passenger vehicle or a truck, if the accident is not your fault, hire a law firm to help you from the beginning and to the end of the case.

The truck accident attorneys at Rawlins Law will conduct an investigation and look for evidence that indicates why an accident happened and who is accountable for the resulting injuries and property damage or even wrongful death. The following are some of the most prevalent mistakes that we have discovered to be the cause of commercial truck accidents:

Truck Driver Exhaustion / Driver fatigue:

Under new FMCSA safety rules for commercial semi truck drivers, the maximum number of hours that a driver may work during a week has been cut from 82 to 70. Despite this rule, weariness continues to be a significant factor in trucking accidents usually because of trucking companies. And you should always call an experienced truck accident attorney who has dealt with truck accident cases if you’ve been injured.

Speaking on a mobile phone, texting, chatting by two-way radio, and other forms of distracted driving are all prohibited under California law. Using handheld or push-to-talk phones (including texting) while driving a commercial vehicle on a highway, pulling over, or momentarily stopping is prohibited under federal legislation that went into effect on January 1, 2012.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages or usage of illegal drugs:

In 2009, alcohol was identified in the blood of 2.9 percent of heavy truck drivers involved in fatal collisions. When a commercial vehicle operator’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is at or above 0.04 percent, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) considers them to be driving under the influence.

You do not want to be an injured rider who has to sort out the motorcycle repair and also deal with a personal injury case or personal injury lawsuit as well as handling all your own daily pain and suffering.

Truck driver training is insufficient: 

Because trucks are difficult to operate, drivers must complete training and get a commercial drivers’ license before using them (CDL). A trucking company should make sure that their drivers get a DOT physical and get enough rest. Employers that fail to provide this training or who irresponsibly employ individuals with questionable criminal records or insufficient credentials may be held accountable for any accidents that occur. The loading of trucks may be problematic at times because the loads are not correctly placed or secured, resulting in load shifting, the dropping of cargo from the vehicle, and other potentially hazardous incidents.

Vehicle defects:

When a vehicle is not correctly maintained or examined by the driver or the firm, it may develop problems such as malfunctioning brakes, defective tires, missing reflectors, non-functioning blinkers or headlights, among other things, which can be dangerous.

What do you do after a semi truck accident?

After a semi truck accident, the first and most important thing to do is seek medical attention. After that, you may want to speak with truck accident attorneys in California. Speak with a semi truck accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. A Rawlins Law experienced truck accident lawyer will preserve critical pieces of evidence, secure the site of a tractor-trailer collision, and gather the essential pictures and witness testimonies as soon as they are retained. 

The preservation of the evidence is critical in determining who was at fault in the car accident and serious injuries after a semi truck accident or commercial truck accident. Each state has its requirements for minimum liability insurance coverage for commercial vehicles, and each state has its minimum liability insurance requirements. 

This liability insurance may cover a victim’s medical costs and other compensation in the case of an accident. In the case that the insurance policy does not provide sufficient settlement, a lawsuit against the firm and the truck driver might be initiated to get further compensation for the victim. In the aftermath of a truck accident case, insurance representatives act fast to gather information in order to build a case against the truck accident victims. 

When a trucking company is at blame for a personal injury, insurance will often make a lowball settlement to victims in an attempt to resolve the matter before it goes to trial in order to avoid

Our Personal injury law, who practice law that covers motorcycle injuries will provide you with an experienced attorney focuses on getting maximum compensation from insurance companies to pay for medical expenses when injured. 

We can also help you if you have been involved in other auto accidents like:

Your auto injury lawyer will work with you to prepare a successful case and advocate on your behalf during every step of the process.

We also deal with non auto related personal injury cases such as:

Be prepared to discuss every detail of your personal injury claim. Starting with a free case evaluation, our personal injury lawyers will go over all of the facts of your case, such as your car accident claim, extent of injuries, and other details to create a winning strategy.

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