Sharing the road with bigger commercial trucks can be dangerous. These trucks have greater blind spots, and they have a more difficult time maneuvering around on the road. On average, 250 fatal trucking accidents occur in California every year.

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You can follow these tips below to help reduce the risk of getting in a car accident with larger trucks:

Avoid Blind Spots

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration calls trucking blind spots “No Zones.” “No zones” are areas where truck drivers have limited visibility with blind spots around the front, back, and sides of their vehicles. The biggest blind spot is typically on the right side of the truck. Staying out of these “no zones” as much as you can help you avoid a terrible accident. If you cannot see the driver in their mirrors, then they most likely cannot see you.

Practice Safe-Passing

One of the most dangerous road conditions involving truck blind spots is when passing a truck on the road. Your car will need to be in the blind spot at some point, so it is important for you to use extra caution when passing or being passed in order to stay safe. Be sure also to be cautious when you are driving around commercial trucks that are making a wide turn or changing lanes.

Keep a Safe Distance

It is important that when driving behind a large semi-truck, you keep a safe distance. Larger trucks do not typically have an inside rear-view mirror, so drivers can only see you from their side-view mirrors. They can better see you if there is a greater space between them and other vehicles behind them.

Be Aware of Truck-Only Lanes and Busy Truck Routes

Truck-only lanes are lanes assigned for the use of trucks. These lanes divide trucks

from other mixed-flow traffic to improve safety and to help stabilize traffic flow. California

has the following two truck-only lanes: Northbound and southbound I-5 in Los Angeles County at the State Route 14 split and Southbound I-5 in Kern County at the State Route 99 junction near the Grapevine.

Some of California’s busiest trucking routes:

  • Interstate 405 – also known as the San Diego Freeway

  • 1-10 – running from Santa Monica through downtown Los Angeles to the Arizona border

  • Interstate 5 – spanning from Mexico to the border of Oregon

  • Interstate 15 – covers more than 1,450 miles from San Diego to the Canadian border.

Top corridors for truck congestion in California:

  • LA Harbor Freeway/CA-110 from I-10/Santa Monica Fwy to Stadium Way/Exit 24C

  • LA Harbor Freeway/I-110 from 111th Pl. to I-110/I-10/Santa Monica Fwy

  • LA San Gabriel River Freeway/I-605 from Beverly Blvd to Florence Avenue

  • LA San Diego Freeway/I-405 from I-105/Imperial Hwy to Getty Center Dr.

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