Every year there are lots of cyclists who are involved in accidents. Some of them lead to fatalities, while others require urgent treatment. We can classify these into major and minor accidents. Some can be self-inflicted, while others involve a collision with motor vehicles.
In 2015 alone, 700+ cyclists were killed because of bike accidents. Cyclists are at a greater risk because of the fragile frame bicycles have. Despite all of this, as a cyclist, you have rights and you should know about them before you hit the road.

If an accident has happened because of another party’s carelessness, a lawyer can help you receive compensation. Bicycle accidents are not uncommon. When you present one to a law firm, bicycle accident lawyers should be more than capable of dealing with your case.

Why Getting a Bicycle Accident Lawyer is Important

Road mishaps occur often. Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain which party is at fault, but it is still up to the law to decide liability.

There might be an at-fault driver, oncoming traffic, or injured cyclists on the road. Regardless of what happened to cause a mishap, it is our job to point out the negligent party and bring justice for the bicyclist involved in a bike accident.

You never know if you or anyone you know riding a bicycle might fall victim to an accident. It will help if you are able to find a bicycle accident lawyer to help you along the way to recovery and proper compensation.

If a bicycle accident occurs due to the carelessness of another party, you should expect insurance companies to try their best to blame the cyclist. This is the most common scenario that is happening not only in our country but in other parts of the world as well. Escaping liabilities is very rampant, which is why being vigilant is important.

If you have a trusted lawyer with you who will guide you in your pursuit of a fair settlement amount, everything will turn out much better. It is always best to be guided and helped by a professional who is determined to help your case succeed. Your lawyer will make sure the insurance company provides you compensation to pay for the damages incurred.

Sometimes the compensation from these damages will help pave your future – especially if the law firm you are working with is doing everything in their power to help you as much as possible. Winning a case with the right bicycle accident attorney could mean you gaining back lost wages, payment for any medical bills, like spinal cord injuries, and much more. Gaining compensation, at the very least fair compensation or sometimes full compensation, for pain and suffering endured from any injuries is vitally important so that you can move on with your life.

Bicycle collisions are grueling and can incur punitive damages, so there’s no reason you can’t ask for extensive retribution for your pain and suffering, especially if you can prove serious injury or wrongful death through the accident reports. When an accident occurs, then fair compensation is only right and is the bare minimum that our personal injury lawyers can get for you.

All of this can be discussed in the free consultation that we offer.

How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

No one ever wants to experience a bicycle accident. As drivers, we must ensure that we are responsible enough to take extra measures to keep driving safely. Accidents can be prevented by adhering to all traffic laws and not being aggressive while driving. We can say, in other words, that mutual respect among road users is the key to decreasing the incidents of bicycle accidents.

To give you more insight, here are some specific things people can do to avoid bicycle accidents. These are applicable in other types of accidents as well.

  • Maintain a safe distance
  • Avoid distractions, such as using phones and gadgets while riding
  • Be mindful of the traffic signs
  • Look both ways when turning either left or right
  • Stop when necessary, especially when the traffic lights say so

Most bicycle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries. While avoiding a bicycle accident is essential, it’s also important to prevent one. Keep in mind that there are many causes of bicycle accidents:

  • Tiredness
  • Driving dangerously
  • Drunk driving
  • Riding while injured

Bicycle accidents can cause serious injuries, so, as a cyclist, it’s important to wear the right gear to avoid a spinal cord injury or a head injury. It is also important to file a report with a police officer if you do get into a bicycle accident case.

If you file a police report or have medical records, these types of papers can help in a personal injury claim.

If you do get into traffic accidents, then here are a few things you should make sure you do:

  • Take photos of the accident scene
  • Try to help the injured cyclist – or anyone else (if you can)
  • Exchange insurance information and give it to your insurance company
  • Check for common bicycle accident injuries like concussions and broken bones
  • Exchange information

What are the Potential Damages that Happen During a Bicycle Accident?

It is common for many bicycle riders to experience fractures and bruises. Some injuries are mild and nothing serious, while others can be life-threatening, like spine injuries or brain trauma. It all depends on the severity of the accident and what kind of vehicle they collided with.

On top of all this, the emotional damage that an accident can cause must also be noted. Those traumatic incidents can lead to major depressive battles and anxiety if no action is taken to help.

If you have experienced a bicycle accident, or if you know someone else who has experienced one, do not hesitate to contact Rawlins Law. Getting professional legal representation will help you with your settlement case. Our free consultations mean we can discuss bicycle accident cases and decide the best way to tackle the personal injury lawsuit before going further. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer will be able to provide a free consultation with you to see the type of bicycle accident lawsuit you’re presenting. You’ll also be able to see whether or not you’ll be able to build an attorney-client relationship with each other. Many bicycle accidents rely on honesty, which is easily given when the client and bicycle accident lawyer trust each other.

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