Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are being asked to social distance by sheltering at home, in the San Diego area and all over that nation. Those who are in need of exercise are resorting to walking, running, and biking on sidewalks and roads in order to get some fresh air. With the increase of pedestrians and bikers on the road, it is important for us to remember to be extra cautious, whether you are the person behind the wheel or the cyclist taking your bike for a spin.

We hope that everyone adheres to the laws and safety precautions when sharing the road, but accidents do happen. If you are in San Diego and do find yourself in a pedestrian-involved auto accident, we’ve shared some tips below:

Pull Over Safely

If you are the driver in a pedestrian-involved car crash, the best thing you can do is first pull your vehicle over to safety. This should be done only if you are certain this will not further injure anyone else involved in the accident. Pulling over can reduce the chance of creating a second accident for those passing by the scene. Next, get any injured people to a place of safety if you are able. It is important not to attempt to administer medical treatment beyond what is required of you in an emergency. This includes CPR.

Call 911

If you believe you or anyone else involved in the crash is seriously injured, the best thing you can do is call paramedics and police by dialing 9-1-1. The chaos and confusion that happens in the moments after the crash cause some to go numb to the fact they are badly hurt. Many times, victims can’t recognize head or chest injuries that aren’t immediately visible.

See a doctor

We recommend visiting the doctor very quickly after an accident. Doctors can run tests to make sure you are not suffering from any internal bleeding, concussion symptoms, or injuries not seen by the paramedic. Many people hesitate to go see a doctor right after a crash, mostly because they don’t have health insurance. If this is your situation, call Rawlins Law immediately, and we will help you see a doctor. No money, no insurance, no problem.

For pedestrian safety tips on how to avoid injuries when sharing the road, click here.

Call Rawlins Law

The earlier you talk with legal representation, the better. Rawlins Law of San Diego fights for car crash victims, and by establishing your relationship with our San Diego attorney office earlier, we get a better jump on your case. If you or a loved one have been in a car accident, reach out and talk to Rawlins Law. Personal Injury Attorney Ashley Rawlins provides honest, ethical, and compassionate representation, and she will give you clear information on where your case stands and what she needs from you to win it!  To schedule a free consultation, please call 858-257-8778.

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