What qualifies as a personal injury case?

A personal injury case involves a person who has any bodily injury due to an accident or negligence caused by another person or business (a third party). For example, an injured individual or passenger in a car accident who is not at fault qualifies for a personal injury case to cover medical costs, pain and suffering, and other damages. You will not need money upfront to hire a personal injury attorney. Consultations are free! We work on a contingency fee basis and recover a percentage of the settlement.

What is a good settlement offer?

Every case is unique and based on its own merits, so the settlement offer can vary significantly. Most settlements average between $3,000 and $75,000. Some settle at much larger amounts, but this is a lot less common than people think. Many law firms like to advertise the larger, say $1,000,000 settlements to the illusion that they are more successful. Find a lawyer specializing in personal injury willing to fight the other party for the maximum settlement possible. There are many common mistakes made in settlements, so choosing a knowledgeable attorney is crucial for the outcome of your case.

What cases does a personal injury lawyer handle?

Most personal injury lawyers declare that they handle car accident cases because of the frequency of car accidents in California. Other common areas of practice in personal injury are trucking accidents, Uber & Lyft accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, pedestrian accidents, and slip and falls. Almost any accident caused by another person that harms you in some way can be eligible as a personal injury case. Choose a trusted California personal injury or accident lawyer who will work with you every step of the way to help you gain financial compensation to help you recover.

Is it worth getting a lawyer for a minor car accident?

Absolutely! Minor accidents can cause lifelong injury, usually to the spine, neck, or brain. You should first hire an honest personal injury attorney willing to give you a free consultation with no strings attached. Hiring a passionate personal injury attorney willing to take on your case should help you get a much larger settlement than going after the claims process yourself, even after attorney fees are paid. Your attorney will not get paid until you get paid.

Are slip-and-fall cases hard to win?

It depends on facts of the case. The carelessness or negligence on part of the property owner is usually what results in a slip and fall injury. Work with an experienced lawyer if you want the optimal chance at success for your claim.

Should I get a lawyer for a slip-and-fall?

Ask for a free consultation to determine if you qualify. Given that you will likely miss work and lose income due to the injuries you sustain, you could be eligible for financial compensation.

What can Riverside, CA personal injury lawyers do?

Injuries from car accidents are rampant in Riverside, CA. Regardless of your location in California our personal injury lawyer will prepare your case, represent you in your claim, and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

How much does a personal injury lawyer cost in San Bernardino, CA?

Find out how much your personal injury lawyer will be paid by calling the legal team at Rawlins Law. Regardless of your location in California, we will not get paid until you get paid. The first consultation is free with no strings attached. At Rawlins Law, we work hard for our clients to fight the insurance companies and bring you the maximum settlement possible. Insurance companies are not on your side. We are.

When do you need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Orange, CA?

Get an immediate consultation from a personal injury lawyer as soon as you have had an accident, even if you are not immediately showing symptoms of an injury. Many people realize much later that they have bodily injuries such as a herniated disk. If you wait too long to make a claim, you may not qualify for a case. Not every law firm will be willing to take you on as a client, and not all attorneys are the same. An attorney from Rawlins Law will come to your location in Orange, CA, to meet with you.

What will your injury lawyer do?

Your injury lawyer will fight on your behalf to create an optimal case that will give you the outcome you are looking for when it comes to gaining compensation after an accident. At Rawlins Law, we go above and beyond for our clients, from meeting them where they are, giving our mobile number, and delivering the settlement check personally.

What is the average payout for an auto accident in Sacramento, CA?

It is difficult to give an exact settlement amount for an auto accident because every case is unique, and the damages vary. It can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand based on the facts of the case. A personal injury attorney who takes your case seriously will be able to get you the maximum settlement possible for your case. Work with our Sacramento car accident lawyer to maximize your compensation. At Rawlins Law, we understand that the last thing you want to do is travel after an accident, so we will meet with you where you are or are happy to do a consultation via phone, zoom, or however is best for you.

What does a car accident lawyer do?

A car accident attorney will analyze your insurance policy, negotiate on your behalf, and fight for a settlement amount that covers the damages stemming from your accident. Remember to call your attorney for a free consultation before speaking to your insurance company. It is not a good idea to represent yourself after a car accident. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible. Learn about your rights from our auto accident lawyer by calling our team today. Consultations are free.

When should you get a lawyer for a car accident in Riverside, CA?

You should seek a personal injury lawyer immediately, even if you do not experience any symptoms of an injury yet. Unfortunately, not all attorneys will be willing to take your case, and not all attorneys are the same! We have an office in Riverside, California. In addition, we have offices in Sacramento, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, Chula Vista, Escondido, and Los Angeles. We serve the surrounding areas of our offices, and through our signature concierge service, we will meet you where you are. We also offer virtual consultations in case you do not want to meet or are in too much pain. We work with you and are on your side every step of the way.

How much can you sue for in an auto accident?

As every case is unique, the amount you should sue for highly depends on the facts of the case. Get legal help for an auto accident in Sacramento, CA, or the surrounding areas by speaking with the team at Rawlins Law. There are no obligations or strings attached for your free consultation.

Have you been hurt in a car accident in San Bernardino?

If the answer is yes, you need to learn how an attorney can help with your car accident claim. Call the team at Rawlins Law at (858) 529-5872 immediately. Despite what most people think, it is a bad idea to represent yourself. You will find your attorney at Rawlins Law firm, to be honest, ethical, and compassionate. We will put you in the right direction toward your car accident recovery.

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