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A bus accident’s aftermath is traumatizing for victims and their loved ones. Maybe you had an accident on one of our San Diego roads, or you lost a loved one in a fatal accident like the one on Interstate 15 a couple of years ago. If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one, an experienced San Diego bus accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation from the negligent party for the damages incurred.

At Rawlins Law, we have worked with many accident victims, so we understand the resulting financial burden after a road crash. If you have been injured or are seeking justice for a loved one, we can look at your case and advise you on your legal options. Call or send us a message via our contact form for a free case evaluation.


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Why Choose Us?

Top 40 Under 40 National Trail LawyersAt Rawlins Law, we understand how life-altering and draining accidents are. Someone who has been injured in a road crash or lost a loved one barely has the time or the mental strength to handle the complexities of the legal process. Driven by this understanding, we offer compassionate and aggressive legal representation to defend your rights and lighten your burden.

Why should you hire us?


Experienced Lawyer

Rawlins Law is an award-winning female-owned law firm in San Diego. Ashley Rawlins, the founder & CEO of Rawlins Law, has received the Rising Stars rating by Super Lawyers. Our entire team is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive legal representation possible to secure our clients the settlement they deserve. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients through out-of-court settlements and litigation.


  • $900,000 – Settlement after litigation for an accident victim who underwent surgery
  • $500,000 – The client was rear-ended and had to undergo surgery
  • $100,000 – A woman was rear-ended by a negligent driver
  • $50,000 – Minor car crash

These are just a few examples of the settlements we have won. Check out the rest of our recent results to see how we helped many other people just like you.


Personalized Legal Process

At Rawlins Law, we appreciate that no two accident cases are the same. Even when multiple passengers have been injured in the same accident, the extent of their injuries can change their case dynamics significantly. For this reason, we take a personalized approach to every claim that reaches our desk.

If you are seeking justice for yourself or a loved one, you can rely on us to give your case the special attention it deserves and explore every relevant legal option to protect your rights.


Comprehensive Representation

Accidents are disruptive. Even if you sustain minor injuries, the trauma from the experience can be disorienting. When you add the burden of the legal process, it gets overwhelming for a victim and their family.

At Rawlins Law, we understand how frustrating the journey of seeking compensation is. Hence, we are committed to providing comprehensive representation to lighten the burden and allow you to concentrate on your recovery.

Once we commence your claim, we take care of everything required to build the case and present strong evidence to prove the offender’s negligence.


Accessible Location and Flexible Appointments

We are conveniently located within Mission Valley, less than 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. Our office is at 3111 Camino Del Rio North Suite 400, a few blocks from Centerside.

In addition, we offer our clients flexible appointments. You can easily reach us virtually from the convenience of your home/office or visit us at our office.


Free Case Evaluation

Not sure whether your case merits compensation? You do not have to hesitate to seek justice. Instead, you can take advantage of our free case evaluation to learn your legal options.

If you are searching for an attorney to help you with your bus accident claim, contact Rawlins Law today and brief us on your case.


How Much Is My Case Worth?

Bus accident settlements vary from claim to claim, depending on various factors such as the severity of your injuries, the liable party, and their insurance policy.

  • The more severe your injuries are, the higher the damages are likely to be. For instance, if the injuries lead to longer hospitalization or future treatment, the settlement should be enough to cover all expenses. Similarly, if you become permanently incapacitated and unable to return to the work you used to do, the compensation should include lost earning capacity or future wage loss.
  • The person liable for the accident may also influence how much you recover. For instance, if an insured driver caused the accident, your ability to recover the damages is significantly diminished.
  • The policy limit of the liable party also determines the compensation you can recover. For instance, some transport companies have extensive coverage for their drivers, while other individuals only have the minimum policy coverage.

Generally, compensation is designed to reinstate you to the financial position you would be at if the accident had not happened. In this case, you can recover your losses, including economic and non-economic damages.


Economic Damages

  • Medical expenses comprise all current and future treatment costs, such as emergency room charges, hospitalization bills, doctor visit fees, nursing care expenses, cost of assistive devices, prescription charges, etc.
  • Lost income for the duration the injuries kept you from working. If you suffered permanent disability, you are entitled to future lost income equivalent to the years remaining to your retirement. Similarly, if you suffer a partial disability that limits the work you can do, you can claim damages for lost earning capacity.


Non-Economic Damages

The law acknowledges the impact of an accident on a victim goes beyond the quantifiable damages. Hence, it allows people injured in accidents to claim non-economic damages on top of economic losses. These damages are designed to reimburse you for the pain and suffering you have endured following your injuries.

Pain and suffering damages provide compensation for:

  • Physical pain
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Embarrassment
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Fright
  • Mental anguish
  • Inconvenience
  • Indignity
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Loss of quality of life, etc.

If you would like to know how much your bus accident claim is worth, talk to a personal injury lawyer at Rawlins Law today.


Bus Accidents in San Diego

Buses are a popular means of transport for both schools and the general population in San Diego. Despite their convenience, they pose a higher risk to passengers due to their large size and challenging maneuverability.

The risk is especially higher when traveling along the county’s accident hot spots, such as the intersections on University Avenue and 52nd Street, Mission Boulevard and Felspar Street, Market Street and 30th Street. Some freeway stretches are also dangerous accident spots, like the Intestate 15 stretch leading to Scripps Poway Parkway from Miramar Way and the segment on Intestate 5 between Marina Parkway and San Ysidro Boulevard.

While some accidents might be attested to negligence, such as drunk and drowsy driving, speeding, and running stop signs, other factors contribute to the accidents on San Diego roads, especially on the hot spots, including;

  • Obscured views
  • Poor road conditions
  • Lack of clear crosswalks, among others.

At Rawlins Law, we understand the nature of San Diego roads and their contribution to bus accidents. Hence, we take time to investigate all the possible causes of a crash, such as drowsy driving, poor road conditions, and faulty vehicle parts, to hold every at-fault party liable.


Statute of Limitation

If you had a bus accident in San Diego and suffered injuries leading to financial losses, we recommend consulting a lawyer as soon as possible. Once the lawyer reviews your case and finds merit in the claim, they can help you file the claim and negotiate a fair settlement within the statute of limitations.

In most cases, bus accident claims settle before going to trial, but if the insurance fails to compensate fairly, filing a lawsuit might be your next course of action. If suing is necessary, you must initiate the process within two years of the accident date. That deadline is known as the statute of limitation. Assuming you were in a bus accident and did not discover the injuries immediately (for example, a traumatic brain injury), the law allows you to commence legal action one year from the date of discovering the injury.


Bus Accident Injuries

The large size of a bus increases the risk of passenger injury tremendously following an accident. A passenger flying from their seat through the bus can hit their body against the roof, handrail, or other objects resulting in severe impact.

Examples of injuries that can occur may include:

  • Brain injuries – Concussions, intracranial hematoma, contusions, temporal lobe injury, etc.
  • Back and spinal cord injuries – Disc injuries, whiplash, paralysis, sprains, herniated discs, torn ligaments
  • Chest injuries – Internal bleeding, fractured breastbone, broken ribs, ruptured spleen
  • Head and neck injuries – Facial abrasions or burns, eye injuries, ear damage, neck sprain
  • Soft tissue injuries – Nerve damage, muscle damage, sprains, strains
  • Limb injuries – Cuts and lacerations, broken limbs, muscle damage, amputation
  • Stomach and other internal organ injuries


Fighting the Insurance Company

After the accident, the insurance company may reach out and offer a settlement. They always aim to settle the claim quickly for the lowest amount possible.

While the offer might be tempting, especially if you are financially pressed due to the piling medical bills, it is never a wise decision. If you have suffered severe injuries or there is a possibility of incurring further medical costs, you should hold for a thorough medical assessment.

Even if your doctor has ruled out the possibility of complications, you should consult an attorney before accepting the settlement. Insurance companies are profit-making businesses, so the adjuster is inclined to minimize their employer’s losses by offering the lowest settlement possible.

Negotiating with them puts you at a great disadvantage since you might be unaware of the tricks they employ to deny victims fair compensation. For instance, they might use your medical records against you or convince you hiring an attorney is unnecessary.

To avoid these pitfalls, you should consult your attorney or hire one as soon as the insurance company contacts you. At Rawlins Law, we are experienced in handling bus accident claims. We can help you determine whether the settlement is reasonable (which in most cases won’t be), calculate a fair claim, gather supporting evidence, and send the insurer a counteroffer.


What Should You Do After a Bus Accident?

You have probably seen a doctor and commenced treatment for your injuries. With the compensation process ahead of you, you might be wondering what you should do to protect your rights and ensure you get fair compensation.

As much as it is clear the negligent party breached their duty of care, leading to the accident that caused your injuries, you must provide evidence to prove their negligence and the damages you have incurred. Ensure you preserve your medical records and journal your treatment and recovery journey. You should also follow the treatment plan carefully, as failure can compromise your claim.

Accident photos and the police report are also essential pieces of evidence. If there were eyewitnesses or CCTV footage of the accident, they can add more strength to the case.

While we can help you gather the evidence once we start working on your case (if you do not have it yet), the sooner you get a lawyer, the better, as evidence preservation is vital.


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San Diego Bus Accident Lawyer, Ashley Rawlins

If you are preparing to seek compensation for the damages you have suffered after a bus accident, you need a lawyer to help you. Negotiating with the insurance company without legal assistance puts you at a great disadvantage, as the adjusters are out to protect the interests of their employer by settling the claims for the lowest amount possible. Other adjusters may employ trickery like using your medical records against you or discouraging you from hiring a personal injury attorney.

At Rawlins Law, we fight for your interests by exploiting every legal option available to secure you the compensation you deserve. You can rely on our in-depth understanding of the relevant accident laws, experience representing accident victims, and negotiation skills to counter the negligent party’s insurer lowball offers. Contact us or call us at (858) 529-5872 for a free case evaluation.

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