How do I know if I need a lawyer after an accident or injury? As we all know, there is no specific law right now that tells you to get the services of a lawyer when asking for a settlement after a car accident. Some individuals would want to get some legal support to get more time to recover health-wise and financially.

It only entails that each of us has the freedom to get the services of an attorney whenever we feel the need to. This can either be because of an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit whichever is applicable.

On a side note, having a lawyer does not give you assurance of a particular case outcome. Well, there is no doubt that lawyers could increase your chances of having a triumphant personal injury case or claiming the right settlement amount. This is in the form of investigations, gathering of evidence, and handling the negotiations.

Moreover, you can allow the time you’ve saved for your loved ones and yourself. Knowing if you should have legal assistance after a car accident depends on your personal preference for comfort.

Insurance Claim Filing vs Personal Injury Lawsuit Filing

If there is an occurrence of a vehicular accident, the initial step to getting compensation is by claim filing. It can be either with your personal insurance provider or the opposing party’s insurance provider.

There are states that comparative negligence laws are superior which entails that if you take part in why the accident took place, compensations may be decreased. This depends on how severe your fault was.

In the most undesirable scenarios, the other party does not have full insurance coverage. As we all know, a huge number of car accident fatalities truly need urgent care. The compensation to be received is always reliant on how severe the injury of the victim acquired from the accident.

There are instances wherein symptoms only appear a few days or weeks after the accident took place. As a victim, you should be mindful of this so that you can document everything completely.

If the other party’s policy does not have the ability to pay the damages, you can go for your policy in this case for uninsured motorist policyholders. You can seek the services of a lawyer right away once you get involved in a car accident. There are options that the lawyer will discuss on what will work best for you.

For an instance, when an uninsured motorist is involved, even their coverage might not be able to cope with your losses. Having said so, a personal injury lawsuit filing is the best thing to go for to help you out in fighting for the justice you’ve been longing for.

If you have this notion that an insurance company is giving you a settlement that you think is not fairly enough, you can file a personal injury lawsuit but remember that it must go along with the state’s statute of limitations.

An attorney has also the power to know the perfect timing for the lawsuit filing to take place. When continuing a personal injury lawsuit filing, there are lots of factors that must be taken into consideration.

The injuries obtained from the accident must have either a financial or non-economic impact that you can show through your testimonial. This includes the procedures needed to help you out in your recovery. You can also prove through your testimonial that the other party is at fault.

Who is at fault?

For an instance, if a driver was driving a vehicle after taking drugs or alcoholic beverages, we can actually conclude that it is negligence. This includes distracted driving such as using their gadgets while driving. In this manner, a lawyer can surely guide you along the way and most especially help with the investigation.

We Are Here to Help

If you were recently involved in an accident and got fatal injuries then you really need help particularly if you do not have the finances for the expenses needed. This includes the amount needed for hospitalization (if necessary), medicines, and even lost wages.

The right compensation is definitely the aim here. This will let you get your life back to normal. You might be having thoughts about why you should get the services of an attorney after the accident. 

Keep in mind that you have the freedom to hire an attorney anytime you want to. Here at Rawlins Law, we handle various cases that are personal injury-related. It is not only limited to vehicular accidents but also other accidents as well.

We want to make sure that the party responsible for the accident will be held liable legally. Rawlins Law offers case evaluations that are absolutely FREE of charge. This will help you out in understanding the situation from a much deeper perspective. Don’t delay in calling an attorney to ensure you are protected. Know your rights and protect yourself.

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